Solving the world’s plastic problem one delivery at a time

Zero Co, a new sustainable Aussie startup, is saving our oceans with a zero-waste delivery subscription for personal care and cleaning products.

Key points

  • Zero Co is a sustainable Aussie start-up that is pulling tonnes of waste out of our oceans, both Australia and overseas.
  • The organisation has already attracted 56,000 signups to its subscription-based delivery service for personal care and cleaning products.
  • Founder Mike Smith says sustainability is about caring about the planet and wanting to make a difference, which is an ongoing journey.

Zero Co’s mission is bold, but simple: to untrash the planet. To get there, the sustainable Aussie start-up offers a subscription-based, zero-waste delivery service for personal care and cleaning products. And, in the words of founder Mike Smith, “it’s scaling astronomically.”

Since launching in 2020, 56,000 Aussies have signed up. And, behind the scenes, the Zero Co team has pulled tonnes of waste out of our oceans, both in Australia and overseas. The Zero Co team lives and breathes sustainability.

To make its iconic ‘Forever Bottles’, Zero Co collects and recycles plastic rubbish from the bottom of Sydney Harbour, the beaches of Fraser Island and other far-flung places. The refill pouches can be re-used again and again, eliminating single-use plastics from its supply chain, with return envelopes included in orders for easy returns.

It’s a brilliant model, and it’s clearly working. So what tips can Mike share with those who have their sights set on becoming more sustainable businesses?

“The first thing I always say to people is don’t be sustainable because you think it’s good for marketing or a good story to tell. Be sustainable because you care about the planet and want to have an impact.”

“The second thing is that you don’t have to solve every problem overnight. Look at the things you can achieve today, or what’s possible tomorrow. Deal with it in bite-sized chunks.”

“Finally, know that there’s always room for improvement. At Zero Co, we’re always seeking new ways to become a greener business. Sustainability is an ongoing journey.”

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