How we’ll reduce our environmental impact

Australia Post is committed to carbon-neutral parcel delivery, which is why we introduced our Climate Active certified Carbon Neutral Deliveries program. Since 2019, we've sent 200+ million parcels carbon neutral, which is the equivalent of taking 117,000 cars off the road – or roughly 280,000 tonnes of emissions.

How carbon offsetting works

We calculate how much carbon is used when we process, ship and deliver our parcels using trains, planes and trucks. 

This calculation is verified as part of the Climate Active program, which provides guidance on measuring, reducing, offsetting and reporting emissions that occur as a result of our operations. 

To balance our emissions footprint and to help us achieve carbon neutrality, we buy carbon credits through our partnership with Qantas Future Planet. The number of credits we buy match the calculated emissions for the deliveries provided to our customers. 

By sending your parcels with Australia Post, you’re supporting our carbon-offset projects that have positive environmental and social impacts.1

Our partnership with Qantas Future Planet

Carbon Neutral Deliveries Program 

To counter the carbon emissions of our parcels, we invest in projects that have a positive impact on the environment in Australia and overseas. Some of the projects we're proud to support include: 

We're on a journey towards a sustainable society

We’re committed to helping build a more sustainable future by reducing by reducing our environmental impacts, facilitating a circular economy and ensuring a transparent and traceable supply chain.  

1 Carbon offset for international parcel deliveries is to the international hub only.