Key insights from the 2020 eCommerce update

200,000+ new households shopping online in April 2020

eCommerce growth up 80% in the 8 weeks following the WHO’s announcement

Easter 2020, the busiest period in Australian online shopping history

Online purchases in April 2020 6.8% higher than the busiest period in 2019

New market updates

Stay updated on Australia's online shopping growth and trends

How to plan ahead of big online sales events

In preparation for an even longer lead up to Christmas this year and potentially higher sales volumes than ever seen before, hear how beauty brand frank body gets the planning process started early.

6 online shopping trends shaping Australia’s eCommerce industry

With 73% of households now shopping online, developing a long-term eCommerce strategy is essential. These six key trends will help shape and nail that strategy.

Australia's online shopping growth: how retailers are keeping up

Three Australian online retailers share how they're managing their operations to keep pace with the growth in online shopping and rising customer expectations.

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Record shopping over Easter

Sales peaked at 135% YOY over Easter, making the holiday weekend our biggest period in online shopping history. Read more about recent industry growth.

Huge spending spike anticipated

Black Friday and Cyber Monday contributed to big sales peaks leading up to Christmas in 2019. This year, even more growth is expected, so prepare your business now.

FY19 eCommerce Market Update

Discover what online shopping trends we saw in the first half of 2019 and how you can prepare for the biggest shopping events of the year.

Inside Australian Online Shopping report 2019

Find out what’s driving Australian eCommerce trends and identify growth opportunities to help boost your business success.

The Black Friday effect

Find out how sales events, like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, are changing the eCommerce landscape.

FY18 eCommerce market update

See key eCommerce trends and insights for FY18, to help you pinpoint growth opportunities and plan for the year ahead.

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