Key insights from the 2020 eCommerce update

Australian eCommerce is growing at a steady rate, with purchases up 17.2% YOY

Black Friday and Cyber Monday week was the largest online shopping period, growing by 31.6% YOY

Next business day deliveries continue to grow strongly, up 21.1% YOY

Alternative delivery options are increasing in popularity, with parcels lockers in particular recording 30.6% growth YOY

Prepare for impact: eCommerce insights

2019 saw an unprecedented pre-Christmas spend, with sales peaking in the four weeks leading up to Christmas, thanks in part to the hugely popular Black Friday and Cyber Monday events.

This year, the timing of Black Friday suggests even more growth during this crucial period. Learn how to prepare your business for this expected spike in sales.

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In preparation for an even longer lead up to Christmas this year and potentially higher sales volumes than ever seen before, hear how beauty brand frank body gets the planning process started early.

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With 73% of households now shopping online, developing a long-term eCommerce strategy is essential. These six key trends will help shape and nail that strategy.

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