September eCommerce insights

With purchases in August 24% higher than August 2020, we’re already seeing online shopping levels on par with those seen around Christmas 2020.1

Every state saw positive YOY growth except Victoria with Australians purchasing more across most specialty retail shopping categories. Assuming this trend continues, retailers can expect huge eCommerce volumes in the last quarter of 2021.1

Highest growth in NSW

With 41% of the total online purchases in August 20211

Record number of online shoppers

5.9 million Aussie households shopped online in August1

YOY growth

23.4% YOY for the 12 months to 31 August 20211

2020 in review

Australian eCommerce reached an all-time high in 2020, as the pandemic changed consumer behaviour and drove phenomenal growth in online shopping.

Our Inside Australian Online Shopping 2021 report explores the trends that led to 82% of households shopping online and 57% year-on-year growth1 in online purchases. Delve into the data and learnings to strengthen your business and take advantage of future.

The future of eCommerce is bright

The events of 2020 had a profound effect on consumer behaviour and possibly their future expectations. Explore how retailers are responding to soaring eCommerce take-up in Australia.

How Super Retail Group improved customer experience

Ethan Orsini, General Manager Omni Fulfilment at Super Retail Group, shares how the surge in online shopping increased the need to own the full customer experience.

How Cue took customer connection online

Cue Clothing’s CIO, Shane Lenton, shares how COVID drove the creation of an online experience that mirrors the personal connection of in-store styling.

eBay’s perspective on what COVID-19 means for the future of retail

Tim MacKinnon shares eBay's insights into the changing needs of the nation through the goods they were purchasing in 2020.

How Mary Maker created a crafting movement

When lockdown forced Mary Maker Studio to temporarily close its studio-based workshops, Brydie Stewart focused on growing her online community.

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1 Insights based on the extrapolation of 2019, 2020 and 2021 parcels data recorded by the Australia Post Group, unless otherwise stated. A full description of the methodology is available in Australia Post’s 2021 Inside Australian Online Shopping report or can be viewed on our website.