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Whatever you never thought you’d be doing, Australia Post is here to help you navigate the changing market and continue delivering for your customers.

Whenever there is change, there is opportunity

The speed at which the pandemic changed the world took everyone by surprise. Businesses were quick to respond, not only to survive, but also to support their community and each other. Adapting to a different world has now given them innovative ways and new opportunities to keep serving their customers. And as they do that, we’re right beside them.

Ready to take your online business to the next level? Here’s how we can help.

eCommerce solutions for evolving your business

Whether you’re focused on reinventing your retail strategy, streamlining order fulfilment or improving customer experience, our eCommerce solutions can help you adapt and thrive in the new future of retail.

Gain a competitive edge with our eCommerce insights

The pandemic has sent the eCommerce industry into overdrive with Australians shopping online more than ever. Stay updated on Australia's online shopping growth and trends so you can identify new potential opportunities and help keep up with shifting customer expectations.

Save on sending solutions with MyPost Business

The pandemic has sent online sales skyrocketing for many businesses – sometimes more than they can handle. MyPost Business makes it easy to manage your online orders. You can print shipping labels from your home, office or a participating Post Office, and provide your customers with detailed tracking1. Plus, you’ll get up to 10% off the cost to send on eligible same-city metro sending2.

Ready to take your online business to the next level?

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Navigate change and adapt to uncertainty

COVID-19 has forced businesses of all kinds to pivot. Instead of shutting down or taking a break, many are transforming to stay alive and remain relevant. As they built resilience and charted their growth, we’ve helped make the change easier for them.

Here are some of their inspiring stories.

“I never thought we’d turn our retail team into virtual stylists.”

Read how Cue has moved their retail experience online.

“I never thought we’d have trouble keeping up with online orders!”

Read how Mary Maker Studio integrated sending with their online shopping cart.

“I never thought my website would be my shop front, we’re a small tea shop.”

Read how Pine Tea & Coffee are embracing online and also saving on parcel sending.

How Booktopia adapted to record book sales

COVID-19 triggered a surge in online shopping no one could plan for, and book sales have been no exception. Booktopia’s Wayne Baskins explains how they’ve managed Christmas-level sales volumes every day for over six months – and how a strong partnership ensures they’ll be ready for the next surge.

How a fashion retailer stepped up to support healthcare workers

When online fashion retailer Sarah Timmerman heard healthcare workers were facing a shortage of basic protective supplies, she rose to the challenge. She shares how strong supplier and partner relationships enabled the launch of her new online medical supply store in just two weeks.

Paint Plot helps Aussies paint their way through the pandemic

Plaint Plot supplies premium paint by numbers kits for grown-ups around the world and are giving people the chance to relieve stress and create something beautiful.

Why easy returns are the perfect fit for Zomp

Established footwear retailer Zomp is known for its boutique in-store experience. So their team never imagined they would focus all their energy on perfecting the online shoe buying experience. Here’s how they stayed on their feet through the pandemic.

1 Track events will vary depending on how your item is lodged and delivered. Read more about our tracking service.

2 Eligibility criteria and Ts & Cs apply. See the MyPost Business website for more details.