Send it urgently

Choose International Courier for delivery in 1 to 2 business days to select areas.1

Our premium parcel and letter service, International Courier is only available in select retail outlets.

At a glance: International Courier

Ideal for

Urgent parcels, letters and documents

Estimated arrival in

1-2 business days to select areas1

Send up to

20kg parcels
500g letters

Comes with

Tracking (including SMS and email notifications)2

Try adding

Extra cover for loss or damage3

Fill out

International Courier declaration
Courier airway bill

Post at

Participating Post Office by 2pm

Prices from


Find a participating Post Office

Choose a location near you for Post Office opening hours, contact details and directions.

Packaging options

You can use what you've got or grab a Courier satchel from the Post Office.

Courier satchels

Small satchel, 220 x 353mm

Medium satchel, 310 x 405mm

Use your own packaging

Just pay the postage for your parcel or envelope over the counter.