Australia’s leading parcel contract delivery service

Australia Post Parcel Contract is designed to make parcel sending easier for your business. Get a competitive annual contract rate, and simplify how you send with our online Parcel Send portal.

Create orders and labels with our system or integrate yours

Simplify how you send online, with our online Parcel Send portal to generate labels and book free one-off or scheduled pickups and more. Plus, easy integration with 130+ shipping platform partners and suite of APIs helps simplify the process even more. 

If you need support, you can contact us.

Parcel Send – our online shipping platform

Manage your account settings, and create shipping orders and labels by adding the details and preferences manually or by uploading a CSV file. 

Integrate with Australia Post shipping and tracking APIs

Integrate your eCommerce or warehouse management system with our suite of shipping and tracking APIs, to streamline and automate your shipping orders, label generation and delivery preferences.

A third-party shipping platform

Use one of our eCommerce Partners to streamline and automate your shipping orders, label generation and delivery preferences.

Like to integrate using our shipping and tracking APIs or via a third-party shipping platform, such as ShipStation or Starshipit?

Contact us today to discuss the available options.

Choose your speed

With Parcel Contract, you can choose from two delivery speeds on eligible parcels.

Standard parcel

Our standard parcel service delivers your parcel in two business days or more, depending on the origin and destination of the consignment. 

Express parcel

Our next day express parcel service generally delivers your parcel within one business day, depending on the origin and destination of the consignment. 

Unlock more flexible features

We offer a number of flexible features with Parcel Contract, that you can add without being locked into a bundle. This means you only pay for what you use. Prices for these features are shown in your pricing schedule.

Signature on Delivery 

(Choose from two options)

Capture ID  Transit Cover 
A signature is required on delivery, or the parcel is carded to a Post Office.  When delivering your parcel, we view and record an acceptable ID to confirm the receiver and addressee is the same person.  Transit cover can be purchased to protect against loss or damage to your parcel while in transit. 
A signature is required unless your customer provides authority to leave the parcel in their chosen safe location We record the ID and the last four digits of the acceptable ID number.  You nominate the amount, up to $5,000 per article. You can choose transit cover for just one parcel, or all the parcels you send. 

The purchase of Transit Cover does not limit any rights or remedies you may have under the Australian Consumer Law. Find out more here.

Unlock more benefits

Enhanced scanning

Your parcels are tracked at least four times so you and your customers have greater visibility of your parcels’ journey.

Single label and barcode system

Your parcels are delivered with more accuracy and efficiency with our single label and barcode system.

Simplified manifest process

A faster, better manifesting process means your sending is straightforward and hassle-free.

Streamlined pricing and invoicing

With a single invoice based on your billing cycle, under a consistent credit management process, you’ll always know your balance and when it’s due. If you need support, our sales, service and support teams are here to help.

When sending within Australia, your rates are determined by:

  • Speed - standard parcel or express parcel

  • Extra features

  • Lodgement zone

  • Destination zone

  • Parcel weight and dimension

Not eligible for Parcel Contract or prefer something simpler?

If you spend $50+ over 4 weeks on parcel sending, you can access great savings with MyPost Business. With smart sending tools, no eligibility criteria, and free sign up, you could save up to 40% on domestic postage and up to 35% on international postage.