This is Christmas made easier for you

We're boosting staff and extending services to help you get your Christmas sorted.

Extended services

Opening hours

From 27 November to 22 December, many of our Post Offices will be open earlier and/or staying open an hour later during the week.

Most will be open on Saturdays – and some on Sundays too. Hours of operation will vary depending on the outlet and local demand.

After-hours delivery

Our dedicated posties will be working after hours and weekends to deliver your item in time for Christmas.

Keep an eye out for weekend parcel deliveries from 4 November.

Delivery choices

Not going to be home to receive a delivery?

Get your item delivered to over 4,000 collection points. For 24/7 access, choose a Parcel Locker1 or lease a PO Box. Pick it up from a Post Office using Parcel Collect, or request to have it left in a safe place at home with Safe Drop2.

Last posting dates for Christmas delivery

Express Post

If you're sending within our Express Post network, lodge your item before 1pm, Thursday 21 December.

Regular Parcel Post estimated delivery times

Within the same state

Within metropolitan areas of capital cities, or within the same city or town or environs: allow 2 business days for delivery

Between a metropolitan area of capital city and a rural location: up to 4 business days

Between rural locations: up to 5 business days


Between Sydney/Brisbane, Sydney/Melbourne, Melbourne/Canberra or Melbourne/Adelaide: allow 2-3 business days

Between Sydney/Adelaide, Melbourne/Brisbane, Melbourne/Tasmania or Adelaide/Canberra: allow 3-4 business days

Between other capital cities: allow 5-6 business days

Cards and letters

Regular: 2-6 business days3 depending on destination
Priority: 1-4 business days3 depending on destination
Registered: 2-6 business days3 depending on destination

Sending overseas

International delivery times can vary a lot. It depends on where your item is going, and what type of postage you’ve used to send it.

Your best bet is to use our delivery times calculator.

Get a delivery estimate

Use our delivery times calculator to estimate how long your item should take to arrive.

Track your parcel

Receive updates on your items with our parcel tracker online — or via our app.

More ways to get ready for Christmas

Write to Santa

Send Santa your Christmas wishlist and let him know if you've been naughty or nice. We'll get your letter to him, and send you his reply.

Hold mail

Going away? Ask us about our Hold Mail service, so we can safely store your mail for your return.

Run a business? Get it ready for Christmas trading

Optimise your online store

Give your customers a better shopping experience with our range of free, handy widgets.

Save time, send smarter

Pay for postage online, print your postage labels, book a parcel pick-up and track your deliveries through MyPost Business.

Manage customer returns

Sending over 1,000 parcels per year? Find out how eParcel can make returns easier.

Sending less? Learn about our Return Paid parcel service.

Or call us on...

13 POST (13 7678) from within Australia

+61 3 8847 9045 from overseas

Mon to Fri 8am-6pm Australia-wide

If you're a business customer, call us on 131 118, chat to us online 24/7 through MyPost Business3 or visit one of our Business Hubs and chat to an expert in person.

Where’s my parcel?

Diego and Zunshyne from our Customer Contact Centre take you through the journey of a parcel.

OST: Christmas Tip #1 Parcel Journey

Speaker 1: Hi, I'm Diego.

Speaker 2: And I'm Zunshyne.

Speaker 1: I'm an agent here at the Melbourne Customer Contact Centre.

Speaker 2: And I work out of our Brisbane Customer Contact Centre.

Speaker 1: Now, Zunshyne, we're here to talk about a couple of customer inquiries. You ready for this?

Speaker 2: I'm absolutely ready.

OST: Parcel journey

Speaker 1: Brilliant. Our question is from Skater McSkaty: ‘Heya. Just bought a new skateboard from Surfers Paradise’.

OST: From Surfers Paradise to Granville to Melbourne

Speaker 1: ‘I see that the item is now in Granville, but I'm in Melbourne.’

Speaker 2: Do they drink coffee?

Speaker 1: Probably. ‘Now, has my skateboard gotten lost?’

Speaker2: Well that's a really good question. No, your skateboard hasn't gotten lost. Basically what happens is it doesn't go from A to B anymore. We try to get customers parcels to them as quickly as possible, so we now have massive sortation facilities.

OST: Hub to Parcel Centre to Delivery Centre to you

Speaker 2: It'll go from where it was posted to that sortation facility, and it will send it straight to your delivery centre, and it'll be on its way to you. So for more information...

Speaker 1: Look down here.