On 3 April 2024, we increased the Basic Postage Rate (BPR) by 30 cents, up from $1.20 to $1.50, and increased prices for Domestic mail services: 

  • Charity Mail 
  • Promo Post 
  • PreSort Letters 
  • Metered / Imprint 
  • Clean Mail 
  • Reply Paid 
  • Local Country 
  • Print Post 
  • Print Post Linehaul 
  • Print Post air carriage 
  • Registered Post 
  • Domestic Letter with Tracking 
  • Prepaid envelopes 
  • Return Paid Annual fee 
  • Sample Post 

As a self-funded business enterprise, these changes will cover some of the rising costs associated delivering letters. Importantly, there are no changes to the concession stamp (60 cents) or seasonal greeting stamp prices (65 cents). 

Full details of the prices are listed below. 

Domestic mail services

Ordinary mail and envelopes