Collecting missed deliveries

Collecting an item after a missed delivery

If you've received a notification to pick up a parcel or letter at the Post Office, we're sorry we missed you.

Sometimes you're not around when we drop by with a parcel, or we can't deliver it due to various reasons. If you're not there, and an item needs your signature, or there's no safe place to leave it*, we take it to a nearby Post Office. You'll get a notification about your missed delivery, so you can pick your item up in-person. We'll hold it at the Post Office for 10 business days, before it gets returned to sender.

Check if the Post Office has extended hours

Search for the Post Office to see if it's open before or after hours - or even on a Saturday - to help you get there in time.

Can't get to the Post Office? Here are some more options

Tired of missing deliveries?

Don't worry - you have a few other ways to collect parcels:

24/7 Parcel Locker

Collect your parcels from a secure storage space any time, day or night - for free.^

Parcel Collect address

Get your parcels shipped directly to a Post Office, using a unique address.**

Safe Drop

Let us leave your item in a safe spot when you're not home.^^

  • * Parcel delivery is dependent upon how an item is addressed, the location of a property, and Australia Post operational requirements for security and occupational health and safety.
  • Australia Post will card or deliver parcels according to the following methods:
    • delivery to the door
    • street delivery into a mail box with an approved size, location and number
    • delivery over the counter at a Post Office
    • roadside delivery into a mail box with an approved size, location and number
    • a Post Office box, locked bag, private mail bag or community bag
  • ^ You have 48 hours to collect your parcel once it has arrived at a Parcel Locker or Parcel Collect (Post Office) location. Post Offices will accept parcels up to 22kg and not greater than 105cm in one dimension. Letters and standard mail that can be delivered to your letterbox, including Express Post letters, will not be accepted. Please refer to the full terms and conditions for further details.
  • ** Parcel Collect terms and conditions apply
  • ^^ Safe Drop terms and conditions apply