Just married: How to merge your finances

10 October 2017

After you’ve tied the knot, managing your joint finances should be your number one priority to ensure a long, happy marriage and ongoing financial security.

A first timer's guide to moving house

17 August 2017

Moving out of home for the first time is exciting, but the paperwork, financials and logistics of making it happen? Not so exciting. In between getting together enough cash to furnish your place to finding enough moving boxes, moving out of home for the first time can be a little tricky to navigate. Follow these tips and you’ll be settled into your pad in no time.

10 money-saving tips for moving

17 August 2017

From the type of removalists you use to the day of the week you move, your choices can end up saving you money when you move house.

Moving house: The checklist you need

17 August 2017

In between packing, booking removalists, organising mail redirection and ensuring you have home and contents insurance, a house move typically rates highly on the stress-o-meter. However, moving house doesn’t have to result in sleepless nights. Here are some pointers to help you through the three stages of moving, from preparing to move, to the settling in stage.