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Insurance for apartment living

Find insurance protection for your apartment, whether you are a renter, owner-occupier or landlord.

Insurance for your mobile phone

Portable Contents Cover is an optional upgrade to your existing policy to cover items away from home. We offer Portable Contents Insurance for items such as mobile phones.

Do I need to insure my new house before settlement? 

The following are the current laws in each state and territory regarding property liability. 

Common home safety hazards

Our home can contain various safety hazards. The list below is a small selection of some of the most common home hazards and how to prevent them.

What uses the most electricity in your home?

Knowing the appliances that use the most electricity in your home can help you save on your electricity bill. Find out what uses most electricity in your home.

How to help reduce the risk of burglars targeting your home

Five easy steps to improve your home security and help deter burglars from targeting your home so you can feel safer.

What are smart electricity meters and are they worth it?

All new and replacement for broken meters in Australia are required to be smart meters. Learn what a smart meter is and some of the pros and cons of it.

Is a home security system worth it?

Home security systems can be an effective way of providing additional protection for your home. Find out how a home security system could benefit you.

Preparing Your Home for a Bushfire

The threat of bushfires in Australia is very real, find out what you can do around your home to prepare for the bushfire season.

How much home building insurance do I need?

You should insure your building for the amount it would cost to replace or rebuilding the physical structure on your property if they were destroyed.

What’s the difference between a smart home and home automation?

With advanced technology, modern houses are becoming smarter with more automated features. Learn the difference between a smart home and home automation.

How to use an insurance broker

Here are a few steps to consider when dealing with insurance broker. Find out how an insurance broker could help you choose a policy that’s suitable for you.

Ongoing costs of owning a home

Ongoing costs cover everything you need to pay after you become the owner of the property. These can include council rates, body corporate, water rates etc.

Do I need public liability insurance for my home?

Public liability insurance for home can cover damage to other people's property due to an incident that occurs at your home and protect you against claims.

Insurance for your engagement ring

Do you want protection for your engagement ring if it is lost or stolen? Obtain portable content cover for your engagement ring with a few simple steps.

How much contents insurance do I need?

You require same amount of content insurance it would cost to replace the contents of your home. For conditions or exclusions that apply, contact your provider.