How to Use an Insurance Broker

Insurance brokers offer insurance advice and can advise you on personalised coverage options. Find out how an insurance broker could help you choose a policy that’s suitable for you.

Contact a broker

First, you’ll need to contact an insurance broker. If you’re unsure of where to start, ask friends and family for recommendations, or have a search online for highly-recommended persons. Once you have a few brokers, give them a call or send an email. There are several ways you can decide on a broker; you could choose the one you gel best with, the one with the most years in the industry, or the one who seems to have the most experience in handling situations like your own.

Explain your situation and needs

Once you decide on the broker you wish to use, it’s time to explain your situation in detail to them. This can include your insurance requirements, and generally what you wish to get out of your insurance solution. Your insurance broker should be able to take note of what you need and find suitable options for your situation. Don’t be afraid to go into detail about what you require. Providing more information should help your broker make a clearer assessment of the type of solutions that would suit you.  

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Choose from the selection presented to you (or pick another provider entirely)

After you provide your broker with information regarding your situation and requirements, they should come back with a selection of suitable options. Your broker will explain the insurance providers and policies they have chosen to present to you, and you’ll be able to ask any questions you may have and tap into their experience. Remember, your broker’s selection is simply a recommendation, and you’re not required to choose any of the solutions provided if you don’t like them.

How much do insurance brokers cost?

Generally, insurance brokers won’t cost you anything. Brokers tend to make their money from the insurance providers they work with, earning a commission from the insurance payments you make each month or year. This doesn’t cost the policyholder any additional money. Insurance brokers tend to generate their income solely from these commissions.

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