10 money-saving tips for moving

Moving to a new home is an exciting experience, but if you’re not careful it can quickly become a real money drainer.

From the type of removalists you use to the day of the week you move on, your choices can end up saving you money when you move house. Here are some ways to move and save at the same time:

1. BYO boxes

Brand new packing boxes can be pricey. Instead of buying brand new boxes, look to buy used boxes on Gumtree. Better still, get them for free by collecting used boxes from local grocery stores. Depending on how much stuff you have to move, you could end up saving up on box costs.

2. Shop around

Before connecting your utilities at your new place, it pays to shop around for energy providers. Different companies have different offers and plans that suit different types of households, so do your research to save money on your bills. Same goes for removalists, carpet cleaners, locksmiths and all the other professionals that can help when moving out. Use a website like Moving Services to compare and book different professionals to help with your move.

3. Plan a mid-week move

With most people working or studying Monday to Friday, the weekend is the most expensive time to move as the demand for removalists is high. If you’re in a position to move mid-week instead, then you may save money on reduced rates for some removalists.

4. Use people power

Instead of hiring removalists, borrow or hire a van and get your friends and family to help you pack and unpack. If you don’t have many willing friends, then try the Airtasker website to find people willing to help you move for a fee that is often far less than what professional movers charge per hour.

5. Consider back-loading

If you’re moving interstate, then consider removalists that backload. Back-loading involves filling a van with items belonging to multiple movers, and while it can take longer for your items to arrive, back-loading is a much more affordable option and can end up saving you hundreds of dollars on your move.

6. Cull your collection

The more you have to move, the more it will cost you, so be very ruthless when culling your belongings. If you have stacks of clothes you never wear, then donate them to charity before you move. If you are holding onto boxes of old magazines that you never open, get rid of them. If you’ve got lots of things to cull, then have a yard sale and make money by selling your old stuff. By moving less, you’ll not only help save money on your move, you’ll also save time packing and unpacking, and have more space in your new pad.

7. Be organised

If you’re hiring a van or removalists, you will pay for every minute you have the van or removalists. This means that every minute wasted packing boxes or wrapping up items in bubble wrap will cost you money. Plan ahead and be organised by having everything packed and ready to go the night before your move, then all you’ll need to do is load your stuff into the van – not waste time fussing with last minute packing.

8. Don some rubber gloves

If you’re on a budget and moving out of a rented home, you’ll need to ensure it’s clean in order to get your bond back. Many renters choose to hire professional cleaners, but at $30 or more an hour, professional cleaning can be costly. Choose to spend a day cleaning the place yourself and you’ll save money on cleaning fees.

9. Load&Go

You may need to make some home appliance and furniture purchases on a credit card. If you don’t currently have a credit card, pick up a prepaid Load&Go Visa1 card for those transactions where cash payment isn’t an option.

10. If you value it, insure it

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