Is a home security system worth it?

Home security systems can be an effective way of providing additional protection for your home and belongings. Find out how a home security system could benefit you.

Do home security systems really add value?

There’s no simple, blanket answer to this question. For some, a home security system brings added peace of mind and comfort. In contrast, others may feel it’s an unnecessary cost, preferring to instead secure their home using traditional methods such as deadbolts and fortified doors. There are many different types of systems available from a home alarm system to cameras.

According to a 2017-18 study around 25 per cent1 of houses and semi-detached houses had a burglar alarm installed. The same study showed that approximately 12 per cent of these homes had a security camera or cameras installed.

Benefits of a home security system

A home security system can have a range of benefits, making it a possible worthwhile addition to your home. Some of these benefits include:

1. Reduced home insurance costs

Having a home security system installed can mean a reduction in your home and contents insurance payments. Home security measures, cameras, and alarms can help reduce the chance of your home being targeted by thieves, and as such, may lower your insurance costs. At Australia Post, we offer reduced Home and Contents Insurance rates for those who have home security measures and systems in place.

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2. Added safety

Several police forces across the country seem to agree that alarm systems decrease a home’s chance of a break-in. In fact, monitored security alarms are the most effective way to combat break-ins. Most homes that experience a break-in don’t have a security alarm2 installed. Another recommendation is to install and activate an alarm system in your home.

3. Crime deterrent

A visible home security system (or indication of one being present) can act as a deterrent for crime. One suggestion is to place signs and stickers around your home to indicate to opportunists that you have an alarm system in place (or a dog or Neighbourhood Watch). Another idea is to have security alarms that are visible from the street.

4. Peace of mind

One benefit of a security system is the peace of mind it affords. Knowing that your property is protected by a home alarm system, or having remote access to view your home while you’re away can provide reassurance to many. Whether you choose to go with a simple unmonitored sensor system, or a fully monitored wireless alarm system with cameras, the added security can make you feel more comfortable with your home protection.


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