Top 20 most common home maintenance problems

If you are looking to buy your first home or become a landlord, you may be wondering what kinds of common household repairs could be required. Home maintenance problems are important to keep in mind if you can prepare for or prevent them. If in doubt, always consult a professional for repairs around your home.

1. Leaking taps

Notoriously frustrating, yet generally not too difficult to remedy, a steadily leaking tap is one of the most common home maintenance problems. There are several reasons why your tap may be leaking, and for more complex issues, you might have to bring in a certified plumber to get it fixed.

2. External wall cracks

If you're noticing some large cracks developing in your exterior walls, you'll want to get them repaired. Exterior cracks can be caused by many different things, from the soil settling through to insufficient support and flood damage.

3. Green swimming pool

Another home maintenance problem for those with a pool is green water. Green water tends to be caused by algae, which proliferates when there’s a chemical imbalance within the pool. Treat your pool water or call someone in for pool maintenance.

4. Broken fans

Broken fans and summer heat don’t mix well. If your fan has stopped working, bring in a technician to remedy the issue. They may be able to fix your current fan, or you may need to replace it with a new one to enjoy cool breezes in the summer.

5. Jamming doors

A door can jam for a few different reasons, but often it can be caused by swelling due to humidity. Unsticking a jammed door is a relatively simple task that you can do at home with a little bit of research.

6. Wood rot

Those with a wooden home may experience wood rot. Wood rot is caused when moisture gets into the wood and does not drain away. The moisture combines with fungi to create wood rot. This is a serious issue that you should get checked out as soon as you discover it.

7. Smoke detector replacement

If your smoke detector has started playing up, and replacing the battery doesn't fix the issue, you should get the unit replaced. A working smoke detector is vital for all homes and is required by law.

8. Malfunctioning hot water system

There are several ways that hot water systems may malfunction. They might begin to leak or stop heating up. If your hot water system isn't working, contact a plumber or system specialist to get it looked at.

9. Broken air conditioning unit

Much like a broken fan, a broken air conditioning unit can make summer a little more uncomfortable. Your system may just be old and no longer working, or perhaps it's working but is dripping a lot of water.

10. Blown light bulb

A blown bulb is generally a very simple fix. Renters and homeowners alike will be familiar with replacing light bulbs that have blown. Bulbs only have a rough number of hours they tend to last for before needing replacement.

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11. Cracked tiles

Depending on the damage, cracked tiles may be a basic home repair that you can undertake yourself if you're a little handy. If you're lucky, you may be able to remove the broken tile and fit a replacement in.

12. Blocked toilets

No one wants a blocked toilet, but they do happen. If you find yourself with a toilet that will not flush, contact a plumber to remedy the issue.

13. Leaking roof

You may not notice a roof has a hole or crack in it until it begins to rain. It's important to fix a leaking roof as soon as possible, as leaving it unattended can lead to a range of other issues.

14. Broken dishwasher

Once you get used to a dishwasher, it can be difficult to remember life without it! While a broken dishwasher may not be a high priority on the list of things to get fixed (provided it isn't leaking), it can still be inconvenient while it’s out of order.

15. Toilet whistling

If it sounds like your toilet's tank is whistling, then you likely have an issue with one of the components in the tank. You may be able to solve some of these issues by doing a little research on the problem, while others may require you to call in professionals.

16. Damaged blinds

Sometimes your blinds can get stuck in a raised position. This could be a simple case of releasing the locking mechanism to allow the blinds to go down.

17. Broken garage door

Depending on the type of garage door you have, there can be several ways it can break. A manual garage door might have a broken spring, which means that door doesn't shut properly, while an automatic door may stop working if the battery in the remote needs replacing or there’s a problem with the mechanism.

18. Decaying steps

Decaying wooden steps are another home maintenance problem that should be a high priority to fix. If you notice your staircase is looking a little worn out, replace the problem steps or have the entire structure redone.

19. Blocked gutters

Leaves, twigs, and other bits of debris can become stuck in a gutter, causing it to become blocked. A blocked gutter will struggle to drain water, leading to leaks and overflow issues.

20. Faulty lock

A faulty lock is essential to address. A lock may become stiff and difficult to turn, too loose and unable to complete the locking function, or break off altogether. It also leaves your home vulnerable to burglars.

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