Note: This feature is only available for Australia Post and StarTrack customers.

Bulk importing shipments with a CSV file lets you create up to 1,000 shipments at a time. This guide will step you through setting up for importing, creating your file, and importing your shipments.

1. Set your preferences for importing shipments

Set your preferences in Parcel Send to autofill blank fields and correct common errors such as typos. This one-off process is optional, but it will make importing shipments easier and faster.

2. Create your CSV file

Set up your order management system to export your shipment data as a CSV file. We’ll give you a template to use as a guide when you create your CSV file format.

3. Import shipments into Parcel Send

Import your CSV file into Parcel Send, correct any errors, and review your newly created shipments.

CSV templates

Use these templates as a guide when setting up your order management software to export your shipments.

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