Australia Post accounts can ship some dangerous goods within Australia – but only if the dangerous goods are ‘exempt’.

To check whether your item is exempt, search for it in the Dangerous and Prohibited Goods and Packaging Guide (PDF 1.1MB)

For limits and labelling information for shipping dangerous goods by air and road, refer to the Dangerous Goods Guide (PDF 2.9MB).

If you’re shipping exempt dangerous goods, you don’t need to include a Dangerous Goods declaration with your shipment.

Dangerous goods can only be sent within Australia, they can’t be sent internationally.

Shipments containing dangerous goods can’t be created via CSV import.

To send dangerous goods

  1. Begin a new a shipment or return.
  2. Under Does this parcel contain dangerous goods? choose Yes.
  3. Under Does this parcel meet all the Shipping by Air requirements? choose Yes or No.
    If you choose Yes, then choose the UN number which describes your parcel contents.
  4. Complete and send your shipment or return.
    You don’t need to include a Dangerous Goods declaration.

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