When your labels have been printed it’s time to despatch your shipments and print your manifest. Only shipments need to despatched and manifested manually in Parcel Send – return and transfer manifests print at the same time as the labels.

You’ll need to provide a signed copy of your manifest when you lodge your parcels. The lodgement facility will check your parcels against your manifest and record the arrival date and time of your parcels. Parcels which match the manifest information are accepted and begin their journey.

Despatching: The final processing step you perform in Parcel Send. Despatching confirms that your parcels are ready to be sent, notifies our system of your manifest, and generates a copy for you to print.

Manifest: Also called a Summary Report, a manifest is a report which summarises the group of shipments you’ve lodged with Australia Post on that day. This could be one or multiple shipments.

To despatch a shipment & print a manifest

  1. Select your shipment from the Ready to despatch tab and click Despatch. This opens the Despatch summary page.
  2. Check that all your information is correct, then click Manifest & print to generate your manifest summary.
    Note: You can reprint a manifest at any point.


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