If you operate under multiple business names, or ship for multiple businesses from the same address, you’ll need to be able to customise the details you print on your labels.

Parcel Send lets you create sets of alternative ‘business details’, allowing you to print your shipment and return labels with different business names and, depending on your account type, different addresses and phone numbers.

When you create a new shipment or return, you’ll be able to select your alternative business details from a drop-down list.

The Business details screen shows each set of alternative business details you’ve created.

You can also set your shipment defaults or return defaults to fill in alternative business details each time you create a shipment or return, or import a CSV file.

To create alternative business details

  1. Click Settings in the left-hand menu.
  2. Click Business details then click + New details.
  3. Select whether the address is for sending shipments or returns and enter a new business name.

4. If you’ve chosen Receiving returns, enter the Address.

5. Click Save.

When you create a new shipment or return you’ll be able to choose the new business details from the Sender details drop down menu or the Recipient details drop down menu.