Note: This feature is only available for StarTrack accounts.

Charges for shipments, returns or transfers come from the default billing account. Parcel Send refers to these as the sender, return and transfer accounts. StarTrack customers have the option to charge a different StarTrack account. For example, another linked billing account, the recipient of a shipment or a different business account.

To use a different payer account:

  1. Create the shipment, return or transfer as normal
  2. Select ‘Use different payer account’
  3. Choose a linked billing account from the drop down list, or choose ‘Other payer account’ and enter the 8-digit account number of the payee
  4. Complete the other details as normal

Ensure the payee account number is entered correctly. Any disputed charges to payee accounts will be charged back to the holder of the account where the shipment was created.

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