Note: This feature is available for StarTrack customers only.

If you have multiple similar shipments going to the same recipient, Parcel Send will automatically consolidate (combine) them into a single shipment made up of multiple parcels. This applies to shipments that you create manually, and shipments you import from a CSV file.

To disable consolidation, go to Settings > Preferences and set Shipment consolidation to 'Off'.

Parcel Send will consolidate shipments when the following details match:

  • Recipient address
  • Recipient name
  • Special instructions
  • Shipping method

You can identify a consolidated shipment by checking the Parcel details column in the Shipments list.

Screenshot of Shipments overview page which shows ‘2 parcels’ under the Parcel details column.
You can identify that the first shipment has been consolidated because it says ‘2 parcels’ in the Parcel details column.

Consolidated shipments and sender references

When you create a new consolidated shipment, you can add up to two sender references. This information will be saved on the system so you can search and track parcels using your sender references.

However, not all of these references will be visible in the Shipments overview or when you edit a consolidated shipment. At least the first two references will be visible on your printed labels.

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