Use ‘Parcel quantity’ to send more than one identical parcel. Enter the number of identical parcels, and only enter the parcel details once.

Identical parcels have the same packaging type, dimensions and weight.

‘Parcel quantity’ is also useful if you’re sending more than one parcel where most details are the same. For example, a number of the same type of carton but each with different weights. Enter the parcel quantity and details, then save the shipment. After saving, edit the shipment and correct any differing details for each parcel.

Turning on the ‘Parcel quantity’ option in ‘Settings’ from the ‘Preferences’ screen enables the feature for all users of the currently selected account.

Note: ‘Parcel quantity’ can be used in CSV shipment imports, even if the option is turned off in Settings. ‘Parcel quantity’ doesn’t apply to international shipments.

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