Dear Australia

Let's mark this moment in history - send your letter before 18 August.

Let's mark this moment in history  - send your letter before 18 August

We know that the last few months have had an extraordinary impact on families, communities and our way of life. There have been highs and lows, moments of joy and learnings for all of us.

At Australia Post, we think it’s important that we mark this moment in our nation’s history. So we’ve created a national letterbox where, from now until 18 August, you can write a letter to share your experience of the COVID-19 pandemic. We’re working with the National Archives of Australia, where eligible Dear Australia letters will be kept for future generations. This will enable all Australians to record their impressions of this remarkable time.

Getting involved is easy

Your letter could contain a message of hope, a story of community spirit, a description of how this event has changed your life; it could even incorporate a piece of your child's artwork. (Kids, please get your parent or guardian to help!1)

1. Write your letter
2. Place it in a stamped envelope addressed to:

Dear Australia
Locked Bag
Australia 9999

3. Mail your letter

Post it in any red street posting box or your local Post Office. 

We're looking forward to hearing from you.


We’re encouraging all Australians to participate in Dear Australia. If you’re a person living with disability and require an alternative format to submit your letter, please contact us at or call us via the NRS to discuss alternative ways you may be able to submit a letter.

Sharing your experiences

We’re sharing some Dear Australia letters here2, so we can reflect and learn from each other’s experiences now.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Australia Post cannot accept a letter from anyone under 18 years of age unless it is clear on the face of the letter that it is from the child and the child’s parent/guardian together; or it has been prepared with the assistance of the child’s parent/guardian.

2 Surnames, street addresses, email addresses, phone numbers or other information we consider to be sensitive will be removed/redacted/deleted prior to sharing.