“If somebody says ‘no’, I say ‘watch me’”: How Michael’s perseverance paid off

Michael Osman was determined to carve out a career in the transport industry. Now, as a successful StarTrack Fleet Controller, he has proven that his disability won’t stop him from achieving his goals.

Michael Osman had one big dream—to work in a large freight company. He already had a truck driving licence. All he needed next was for a company to look past his disability and give him a solid chance. 

Michael has Amniotic Band Syndrome, a rare condition that has left all four limbs with a disability. His right leg is a prosthetic, his left arm finishes above the elbow, and his right hand is missing fingers.

For most of his job application history, his disability was the only thing that mattered to prospective employers. 

“When there’s something about us that’s visible to the outside world, there’s no way to hide,” Michael says. But he’s not hiding. Instead, when anyone tells him that he can’t do something, his powerful response is, “Watch me.” 

Our film crew did just that as Michael got ready to ride his jet ski. His SUV was parked on a boat ramp with the jet ski trailer in the water. He wound a winch, eased the jet ski into the water and pulled in a mooring rope which he looped across his arm stump. He then untied the floating jet ski, climbed on it and cruised off from the wharf.

Michael Osman with his family

A journey met with many challenges 

Michael’s parents were determined to give him a normal upbringing. Tha