How Australia Post is delivering hope for koalas on Save the Koala Day

Save the Koala Day is a reminder for all Australians to work together to protect this endangered species. Here’s how we’re helping WWF-Australia do just that.

As we mark Save the Koala Day, we want to share how Australia Post plays a key role in delivering hope to our cherished koalas. Together with our partner, WWF-Australia, we’re working to protect and restore the homes of the koala—with the aim to double koala numbers across eastern Australia by 2050.

Australia Post has a long history of supporting communities, which is part of our commitment (PDF 9.1MB) to delivering a sustainable future for all Australians. We’re working hard to reduce our environmental impact and protect our Aussie wildlife, including these iconic marsupials that hold a special place in hearts worldwide.

Save the Koala Day is usually held on the last Friday in September every year and helps to raise awareness about the dramatic decline in koala populations. Educating communities about the threats facing koalas is one’s of the first steps to ensuring a future for the koala and all the other animals that share its bushy home.

Tanya Pritchard, Landscape Restoration Project Manager from WWF-Australia explains, “The koala is the quintessential Australian animal, known globally, much loved and facing a crisis. Save the Koala Day is a moment to reflect on the plight of these animals and take action to protect them and their forests homes.”

Why do koalas need to be protected?

Before we dive into our partnership with WWF-Australia, let's take a moment to understand the challenges that koalas face in their natural habitat.

It might surprise you to learn that koalas are now listed as Endangered to Extinction on the east coast of Australia1. From habitat destruction, road accidents, dog attacks and extreme weather events, our beloved koalas are facing threats that have led to a concerning decline in their population. In fact, koala populations have halved in 20 years3. This calls for urgent action to ensure their survival for generations to come.

“Koalas have gone from no listing to Vulnerable to Endangered within a decade. That’s a shockingly fast decline. If we don’t act now, koalas on the east coast of Australia could be extinct by 2050”, said Tanya.

What is destroying koala habitat?

There are several factors contributing the destruction of koala habitat in Australia, including deforestation, urbanisation and climate change.

Bushfires, especially during times of extreme drought, also have a devastating effect on native forests where koalas live, leaving them without food or shelter.

What can individuals do to help koalas?

At times, the challenges facing koalas can seem overwhelming, but there are some simple ways people can get involved to help safeguard their future.

Some of the ways we can help protect koalas is by planting native trees to help restore koala habitat, keeping your pets contained for their safety and the safety of our wildlife, and contacting your local wildlife rescue if you see an injured koala in the wild. You can even Adopt-a-Koala to show your support for their plight and contribute to koala care and rehabilitation.

How Australia Post is helping to protect koalas

At Australia Post, we believe in making a positive impact on our environment and communities. Our partnership with WWF-Australia, a renowned environmental organisation, has allowed us to channel our efforts into koala conservation with a clear purpose.

We aim to support WWF-Australia to strengthen their initiatives and expand their reach to make a tangible difference in koala conservation. Two of the ways we’re helping WWF-Australia include:

1. Fundraising and awareness campaigns

Our joint fundraising and awareness campaigns help to increase support and resources for koala conservation. One of the ways we’re helping to raise funds for WWF-Australia is through the sale of our adorable Australia Post mascot, Pip the Koala. For every Pip plush sold online or in-store at the Post Office, $2 goes directly to WWF-Australia to help protect koalas from the threats pushing them to extinction.

2. Supporting the Koala’s Forever program

WWF-Australia’s Koalas Forever Program is a bold program that aims to improve the wellbeing of koalas through initiatives such as; drone seeding to replant and restore koala habitat; bolstering the capacity of wildlife hospitals in priority areas, and; working with landholders to protect and restore koala habitat on private land.

With WWF-Australia's expertise and our extensive network, we can spread the message of koala preservation far and wide, encouraging more individuals and businesses to join the cause.

Our partnership with WWF-Australia is built on a shared vision: a future where koalas thrive in their natural habitats, their populations are stable, and their wellbeing is safeguarded for generations to come. We believe in the power of collaboration and the strength of our community coming together to make a lasting impact on koala conservation.

Join us in making a difference

As we mark Save the Koala Day, we invite you to be a part of this critical mission. By supporting WWF-Australia’s initiatives and spreading the word about koala conservation, you’re helping us deliver hope to these adorable marsupials.

“Everyone can help us save the koalas from extinction. Donations made to WWF through participating Post Offices can help us plant and restore koala habitat, and support landowners to provide a safe haven for koalas,” said Tanya.

Together, we can make a difference and ensure that the iconic koalas continue to be a symbol of Australia's rich biodiversity and cultural heritage. Join us in our commitment to preserve these unique creatures, not just on Save the Koala Day, but every day.