Australian of the Year Awards

Recipients of State and Territory and National Awards are role models who have strived to create a better Australia.

Here are some of their extraordinary achievements.

Dr James Muecke AM

2020 Australian of the Year

James Muecke began his medical career in Kenya where he also discovered a passion for fighting blindness. Today he is recognised for his focus on type 2 diabetes as the leading cause of blindness in adults.

Sue Salthouse

2020 ACT Senior Australian of the Year

Sue Salthouse experienced the systemic inequality facing people with disabilities after a horse riding accident put her in a wheelchair at the age of 45. She’s now a disability advocate determined to bring about positive social change.

Nic Marchesi and Lucas Patchett

2016 Young Australians of the Year

Best mates Nic and Lucas launched Orange Sky Laundry to offer free mobile laundry to communities needing this service. It’s helped to foster dignity and respect among people from all walks of life.

Rachel Downie

2020 QLD Australian of the Year

Rachel Downie founded Stymie in 2014 after losing a Year 9 student to suicide. Stymie provides young people with a platform to report bullying and speak up when things aren’t right.

Bernie Shakeshaft

2020 Local Hero

Since its launch in 2006, BackTrack’s extraordinary team has helped more than 1,000 children reconnect with their education, families and community. We chat to founder and CEO Bernie Shakeshaft about what he’d like people to better understand about the community he works with.

Bridie Duggan

2017 NT Young Australian of the Year

After losing a childhood friend to suicide, Bridie Duggan was determined to raise awareness of mental illness and suicide prevention. Within a month, she raised $27,000 for mental health organisation LIVIN.

Kevin Kadirgamar

2018 NT Young Australian of the Year

Kevin Kadirgamar’s firsthand experience of civil conflict led to him becoming a voice for the vulnerable. He’s been recognised for his work championing the rights of migrants and refugees in Australia.

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