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Solutions to help you start and grow your business online

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Selling online

Start selling in online marketplaces, learn how to receive payments with payment gateways and discover ways to reach new customers.

Sending options

Find the right solution for your business, whether it’s flat rate postage or overseas shipping; plus learn ways to streamline processes and access discounts as you grow.


Ways to boost sales

Learn how you can increase sales through improving your customers’ experience - from easy returns to flexible delivery options.

A simpler way to pay online, print & post
Easily prepare and track shipments with MyPost Business. It's the straightforward option for sending parcels within Australia.

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Business basics:
Set up a PO box address
Working from a home office? Get yourself a secure, private address by setting up a PO box for your letters and parcels. It's also a good way to keep your business address consistent if you move homes or offices down the track.

Insights and advice for running your business

Unboxing: your secret marketing weapon

Look beyond the YouTube phenomenon to learn what packaging really means to your customers.

How to start your business blog

Tick it off your to-do list and start reaping the
business rewards. Here's the blueprint ...

10 Instagram tips to help boost your online business

Learn from the experts behind some of our favourite accounts.

Get inspired by online sellers who took the leap


Video: How $100 turned into a thriving online business

Find out how Irene Falcon turned $100, a blog and a great idea into a multi-million dollar skincare business offering over 2000 different products.

Video: Running a successful small business - the Naked truth

Learn how Naked Wines created an award-winning online business supporting independent winemakers, and supplying their products to thirsty customers.

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Connect with other business owners, join online discussions and learn about our programs – like the Small Business Hive – that support small businesses in the community.