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bellabox captions

[backing music plays throughout]

Vision: Shot of a city scape

Title: The bellabox story

Vision: Sarah walks through her office

Sarah: In terms of the spark, the spark to run a business it, was something we’d talked about- that idea- I was getting to a point in my career where I was helping run businesses so it felt like a natural step, how do I take the next leap? And the spark, was small but it moved very quickly.

Vision: Sarah being interviewed in her office.

Sarah: I think that women everywhere love beauty. I love beauty because there’s something about being female where it’s exciting to have all these beautiful products to trial so that drove me to look at different businesses that focused on that beauty arena.

Vision: Products being packed into a bellabox.

Sarah: Bellabox is a monthly beauty subscription service and there are five beauty products in a bellabox each month. They’re customised to your beauty profile, so when you join you say, oh I’ve got blond hair and I like red lipstick, and we make sure that we get products that suit you

Vision: Different beauty products that might go into a bellabox.

Sarah: The whole point of a bellabox is we’re trying to take what is a very traditional marketing channel, which is sampling, and making it much more sophisticated by targeting those products to your needs and wants.

Vision: Sarah’s staff working at their computers in the office.

Sarah: I think it’s really interesting to think about when you transition to being a bigger business. It’s almost hard to track- you can track it in hindsight and say well that numbers were showing that we were heading there.

Vision: Staff working in the office and packing products into bellaboxes.

Sarah: For us it was really, you’re dealing so much with the day to day and satisfying and being able to service that growth that you often forget to step back and say, well done, we’ve made it to a “bigger business”, so I know when it was but I remember at the time not even thinking about it.

Vision: Sarah sitting at her laptop.

Sarah: My business partner is actually my twin sister with bellabox.

[sound of a Skype call connecting]

Vision: Sarah’s twin sister Emily appears on screen.

Sarah: Good morning, how are you?

Emily: Good, how are you?

Sarah: Good … thank you. What’s going on in Singapore?

Vision: Sarah talking to Emily in her office.

Sarah: We are super competitive, but the fact that we knew each other so well and the value that we would bring to a business, we were able to quickly decide to go into this together.

Emily: China is going to be such an important market for us, such huge potential and we have this connection with Australia, that’s what customers want.

Sarah: Yeah, look I think we’re really excited about the opportunity, it was the right approach to go with the Australian natural products, because that definitely seems to be where we are getting the traction.

Vision: Sarah working at her desk.

Sarah: Australia Post came to us with an opportunity for us to get into China, and it was one of those things, there was so much going on and I sort of let it go for… two months, and then once I had a chance to think about it, I thought, this is huge.

Vision: bellaboxes being stacked up.

Sarah: I looked into the numbers and I saw how many Chinese were buying Australian products, Australian skincare products and I thought about our business model and how we could apply that to China and we decided to almost pivot from our current model and we have now limited edition boxes that are running through the Tmall and store of Australia Post into China.

Vision: Staff packing bellaboxes.

Sarah: Great things definitely happen. I think it’s about you know, trying to stop and smell the roses, and I’ve been told that on many occasions.

Vision: Sarah being interviewed in her office.

Sarah: Growth is exciting, but it comes with a few challenges, and having people come and tell you their story, as a customer of yours, I think is extremely valuable.

Title: Australia Post StarTrack

Titles: Bike Bag Dude

[Backing music plays throughout]

Vision: Man (Kedan) at a sewing machine, measuring, cutting and sewing.

00:09 >> Kedan “Doing what I do- working from home and being able to survive in the industry that I love without having a boss, I can’t figure out how you could top it really.

00:24:00 [Title: The Bike Bag Dude]

Vision: Man (Kedan) sitting in workroom.

00:25:22 Kedan: My name is Kedan.

[Title: Kedan Griffen: Bike Bag Dude]

Vision: Mountain bikes with bike bags on them.

00:27:13 My company is Bike Bag Dude and I make ultralight bike packing equipment for people to do supported touring and racing… my life is pretty cool.

Vision: Kedan’s wife and baby son.

00:39:30 Cath is my wonderful wife. Cullen is my eight month old son. And I have two dogs, a chocolate lab named Cadbury and a German Shepherd named Kai.

Vision: Kedan and his two dogs play in the backyard.

00:51:00 Yeah, they’re my whole world!

Vision: The family play inside.

00:55:00 Bike Bag Dude started with people I knew going off to do races in America and they came over and I gave them a hand because they knew I could sew, from a past life.

Vision: Bikes being ridden in Alaska.

00:57:30 I gave them a hand with the bag and it worked and others spoke about it on Facebook and other people then said, oh can you make me one?

01:19:00 It really is a case of that’s how it started.

01:20:30 America is my biggest market. My most important client is Chain Reaction Cycles in Alaska. Couldn’t imagine that I was supplying a bike company in Alaska whose shop is 200 metres away from the head office of the biggest company in my industry.

01:36:00 Yeah it was a pretty proud moment.

Vision: Australia Post parcel being carried into Chain Reaction Cycles.

01:38:00 If it all keeps going the way it’s going, maybe in a few years time we can figure out a reason to get over there say say gidday .

Vision: Mountain bikes passing one another on the road.

01:43:00 Keeping the business running has been hard for the last twelve months, I wasn’t prepared for how much time I would lose with Cath due to the birth of our new child.

01:47:00 You don’t realise how much work she does until she’s not doing it

Vision: Kath and Cullen play together.

01: 56:00 When it’s been busy I’ve called on mates a few times to give me a hand a few times, it’s been fantastic to have that support around you. My mates have been fantastic.

Vision: Kedan’s friends at his house, wheeling their bikes around the back.

02:08 Social media, Facebook, Instagram, website, that’s the whole business.

Vision: Bike Bag Dude bag on a mountain bike.

02:17:00 Like the whole first page of Google is just stacked with positive reviews. That’s how customers now find me who aren’t linked to the bike community or people that I actually know.

Vision: Kedan and his friends cycle along the beach.

02:30:00 Being able to post anywhere on the planet is the answer to how your business grows.

Vision: Cath using the computer to schedule a delivery.

02:36:00 It’s pretty amazing, I’ve sent some stuff to some weird places where you have to go to a map and go what?! Bermuda? The other day, like where is Bermuda, can we send to Bermuda, yep no worries!

Vision: Kedan and friends return from their bike ride.

02:42:00 I don’t think it’s about making like a million dollars a year. My whole drive for the future is not having to work for anybody else. If I continue to do this and not work for somebody else, I’ll be happy.

Vision: A rider in Alaska rides through a mountain landscape.

03:03:00 [Title:]

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