Our purpose

It's important to us that we're transparent with our people, customers and communities . We believe all businesses have an obligation to act with integrity and we take pride in driving positive economic, social and environmental change. 

One way we make a difference is by promoting ethical business and supply chain practices. We embrace the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and are now a member of the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange (SEDEX).

Helping the world transition to a more sustainable future is another of our goals – and who we partner with affects our ability to achieve this. We're proud of our sustainable procurement program and the multiple awards we've received for it.

Our principles

Our supply chain and sourcing of products and services must:

  1. never compromise workplace health, safety and wellbeing 
  2. have zero tolerance for harassment, abuse and discrimination 
  3. prioritise social enterprises, indigenous and ethically certified goods & services
  4. not use exploitative or forced labour, or exploitative fair wage practises
  5. respect collective bargaining and freedom of association 
  6. ensure environmental impacts and hazards are minimised.

Supplier Code of Conduct

We take care in selecting suppliers of goods and services that meet our social, ethical and environmental standards.

Suppliers must comply with our Code of Conduct and complete a self-assessed questionnaire via SEDEX to benchmark how your business is tracking when it comes to social, ethical and environmental risks.

Modern slavery

Australia Post does not tolerate modern slavery in any of our operations or extended supply chain – a commitment that aligns with our purpose and values. It's reflected in our Code of Conduct, Modern Slavery Standard (PDF 178kB)Ethics (PDF 1.23MB) and other policies.

We’ve implemented an enterprise-wide program to mitigate modern slavery risks throughout our business and supply chain. These measures are summarised in our Modern Slavery Statement, published annually in accordance with the Australian Modern Slavery Act (2018).

Join us on SEDEX - the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange

We’re now a member of SEDEX, a global organisation that supports almost 60,000 brands to maintain decent working conditions within their supply chains.

SEDEX provides us with tools and an online platform to:

  • identify and mitigate modern slavery risks 
  • improve working conditions throughout our supply chain
  • manage our social and environmental responsibilities in line with international standards.

Registering with SEDEX provides an opportunity for you to further cement the strong relationship you have with us – and potentially your other customers as well.

Australia Post Purchase Order terms and conditions

Generally, all goods and/or services we procure will be subject to our Purchase Order terms and conditions unless we have entered into a separate agreement with the supplier.

Where goods are required to be packaged and delivered to us, packaging, palletisation and delivery requirements will also apply. These requirements should be read in conjunction with the Purchase Order terms and conditions unless we have entered into a separate agreement with the supplier.

Please note our standard payment term for suppliers is within 30 days from the date of the invoice. To ensure the most efficient processing of your invoice, please include the Purchase Order number in the invoice submitted for payment.

Access the Supplier Portal

The Australia Post Supplier Portal allows suppliers to interact with us online and exchange information. Suppliers can use it to:

  • view and maintain your company details
  • respond to requests for proposals and quotes online
  • view and negotiate agreements
  • execute contracts, contract variations and work orders using DocuSign
  • conduct performance self-assessments