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Current delivery times and service changes

We're always doing what we can to keep things moving, but right now letters may take a little longer to arrive. Our services have temporarily changed to meet the challenge of record volumes and ongoing COVID-19 restrictions. We've updated the information on this page to help you plan.

Service Delivery time after posting Price

Delivery time

Sending to locations within the same state: up to 5 business days


Sending interstate between:
Metro locations: up to 5 business days
Metro and country locations: up to 6 business days
Country locations: up to 7 business days



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(Speedier delivery)

Delivery time

We've suspended some of our Priority letter services so we can meet the challenges of record volumes and ongoing COVID-19 restrictions. The service is is still available for some bulk items, but all other Priority letter services are suspended until 1 July 2021.

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(Fastest mail service, tracking)

Delivery time 

Express Post is still available and remains our fastest postal service. But current operating constraints mean we can’t guarantee next-business-day delivery at the moment.


We’ll reinstate our next-business-day guarantee as soon as we can.


For the latest delivery time estimates, see our domestic updates.


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Sending important documents?

Use Registered Post or Domestic letter with tracking for greater peace of mind.

Express Post

Prepaid envelopes
From $69.75 (10 pack)

Registered Post

Prepaid envelopes
From $52.65 (10 pack)

Domestic stamps

From $11 per book

Letter size and weight guidelines

We classify a letter as an item that:

  • weighs less than 500g
  • is no thicker than 20mm
  • contains flexible items - nothing rigid or inflexible
  • has a rectangular shape
  • is no bigger than a B4 envelope (260mm x 360mm x 20mm)

If your item doesn't fit this criteria, we'd classify it as a parcel. View domestic parcel services.

Sending keys, pens, USBs or CDs?

Never put rigid or inflexible items in a regular paper envelope - even if you think they're small enough.

They could easily be damaged by our machines or torn from the envelope and lost.

Check our mailing boxes, bags and other packaging options to choose packaging to suit.

Get stamps at a reduced rate

Are you a concession card holder? You may be eligible for a reduced rate on stamps.

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For more detailed information about letters, refer to the Letters Products and Service Guide (PDF 1.4MB).

1 The national next business day delivery network operates between all capital cities (except Darwin and in Perth CBD only) and some major centres.