Ways to track your parcel

Track without logging in

You can track your parcel without an account or logging in. All you need is a tracking number.

Use a MyPost account

Keep track of all your parcels in one place. We even automatically add parcels to your account if we have all the information required.

Download the AusPost app

Use the AusPost app to check on your parcels no matter where you are.

What if my status hasn’t changed?

Some tracking statuses don't change for a while because they include a number of steps.

For example, 'it's on its way' means your parcel has been posted by the sender, processed by us and is moving through our sorting facilities. Depending on how far your parcel has to travel to be delivered, and the time of the year, you may see 'it's on its way' for a while.

I think my parcel is missing or late

Most parcels arrive within 5 business days of their expected delivery date.

If you’re concerned your parcel might be missing or lost:

  1. Visit find a missing item to learn what to do next
  2. Complete a missing item form so we can investigate.

You may also like to visit our complaints and feedback page.

Why did my parcel go via another state?

There are a couple of steps involved in getting your parcel to you, and the quickest route may not always be the shortest or most obvious.

Our largest parcel processing centres are in Redbank QLD, Chullora NSW and Sunshine West VIC. We route our interstate parcels through one of these three facilities, which are capable of faster sorting and processing. For example, a regular parcel lodged in QLD destined for SA may be processed through our mechanised facility in Victoria.

If you see what looks like an odd turn in your parcel’s journey, don’t worry. It’s just us taking advantage of sorting capabilities within our processing network in an effort to get your parcel to you as expected.