Packaging for sending within Australia or overseas

Whether you’re wanting to send something large or small, irregular-shaped or fragile, we have a packaging solution to suit. And all of our packaging options can be used to send within Australia or overseas.

Sending under 5kg within Australia?

Our Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large packaging options are all eligible for our new If It Packs, It Posts national flat rate postage.

When you use any If It Packs, It Posts packaging option to send an item up to 5kg within Australia, you now get a flat rate based on the size of the packaging you choose – not its weight or its destination. No more guesswork on the postage. Once you know your packaging size and delivery speed, you’ll know your postage cost. Learn more

There are four If It Packs It Posts packaging sizes, each with its own flat rate. Just look for any our packaging options labelled Small, Medium, Large or Extra Large. Simply fit your item in, and you’ll now pay the flat rate for that size. As long as it’s 5kg or under, if you can pack it in, it posts.

Packaging options and pricing

Dimensions for bags, boxes, tubes and wine boxes are internal dimensions and may vary by plus or minus 5mm.

Looking for Parcel Post or Express Post products?

Pack your item

Follow our packing tips to help your item arrive safely at its destination.

   Add optional extras

For extra peace of mind, you can add Signature on Delivery and Extra Cover.
Extra Cover provides loss or damage cover from $100 up to $5,000.1

Print postage labels

You can print postage labels at one of our Post Offices or online if you have a MyPost Business account. It’s free to sign up.

Post your parcel

Find your nearest Street Posting Box or Post Office, for convenient parcel posting.
If you require proof of purchase, lodge at your nearest Post Office.

Track your item

Use our online tracking tool for updates on your item’s delivery status.2

Work out your postage

Calculate your postage and delivery time with our online postage assessment tool.

1 Additional charges apply. Extra Cover provides you with cover for the specified value of your item (up to $5,000 or part thereof) if your item is lost or damaged while being carried by Australia Post. Find out more about Extra Cover.

2 You will need to enter your item’s Tracking number (Article ID) to use our tracking too. Tracking number on barcode is only available if you've used a satchel or have lodged your parcel in-store and have been provided with a receipt. Track advice will only be shown when a scan has occurred. Find out more about our tracking service.