Sending under 5kg within Australia?

Our Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large packaging options are all eligible for our If It Packs, It Posts national flat rate pricing range.

There are four If It Packs It Posts packaging sizes, each with its own flat rate postage. Just look for any of our packaging options labelled Small, Medium, Large or Extra Large (envelopes excluded).

Flat Rate Satchels (not including postage)

Keep satchels on hand, and if your item is under 5kg, purchase flat rate postage label online or in-store at your convenience.

Prepaid satchels & envelopes (including postage)

Stock up on prepaid Parcel Post, Express Post and International Air packaging – so you’re ready to send anytime.

eBay satchels & boxes (not including postage)

Regularly sell items on eBay? Our eBay satchels can help streamline your sending.

Beware of counterfeits

Buy your postage products from our online shopebay store or an authorised Australia Post outlet. Items sold elsewhere may not be genuine.

More packaging options

Sending something large or small, irregular-shaped or fragile? We have a packaging solution to suit. All of our packaging options can be used to send within Australia or overseas.

Recycled Padded Bags

Use our padded bags for added protection.

Parcel Boxes

Our lightweight and strong Parcel Boxes are ideal for irregular-shaped, fragile or multiple items.

Tough Bags

Secure, all-purpose paper packaging for non-fragile items.


Sending posters, prints or other important documents? 

Rigid Mailers

Sending photos or discs that need protection from bending?

Jiffy® ShurTuff® Satchels

Send items in our tough, durable and water-resistant packaging.

Looking for customised packaging solutions?

You can order our packaging in a variety of sizes, shapes and styles. And you can also create your own personalised boxes, satchels, ribbons, stickers and more.

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Packing tips

Is your item fragile, crushable or sharp? Read our tips on how to pack it well.

Size & weight guidelines

Find out the maximum size and weight you can send within Australia and overseas.

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