To create a new transfer

  1. Click 'Return' on the lefthand menu, then click ‘Create transfer’ on the top right of screen
  2. The transfer account is charged by default. You can charge the cost to a different billing account linked to your account, or a different StarTrack account. To do this, select ‘Use different payer account’ and either choose a billing account, or choose ‘Other payer account’ to enter payer’s 8-digit account number
  3. Enter the sender and recipient details
  4. Complete your parcel details. If you’re sending more than one parcel with the same packaging type, weight and dimensions, you can enable ‘Parcel quantity’ in ‘Settings’ for quicker shipment entry. If you have more than one parcel type, select ‘Add another parcel’.
  5. Choose your shipping method
  6. Choose how you want to print your label

    An email address must be entered in the sender details to ‘Email label to sender’

    Ensure the sender’s email address is entered correctly. You won’t be notified if the label isn’t sent successfully

  7. Select ‘Print label now’ print and send the label to the sender or download and send the label by email
  8. Select ‘Create transfer’. Your saved return will appear on the ‘Transfers’ page

Book a pickup

You can also book a pickup from the sender’s address at the same time as creating a transfer:

  1. Select ‘Book pickup’
  2. Complete the details. ‘Pickup point’ is from where the driver will collect the pickup. E.g. ‘Side loading bay’ or ‘Front door’. ‘Closing time’ is the latest time the driver can arrive
  3. Choose your pickup date and ‘Pickup ready’ time. This is the earliest time a driver will arrive for the pickup. Pickups are currently only possible on business days 
  4. Select ‘Create transfer’. You’ll receive a pickup booking reference number. Quote the number when contacting StarTrack about the pickup
  5. Details of the saved transfer and pickup will appear on the ‘Transfers’ and ‘Pickups’ pages respectively

Note: Pickups currently can’t be changed or cancelled online. To change or cancel a pickup, call 13 23 45 and quote the pickup booking reference. Changes or cancellations made by phone are not updated on the ‘Pickups’ page.

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