1 October 2021

From 1 October 2021, a new pre-arrival security and safety program is in effect within the European Union (EU). Customs information for items sent to countries in the EU now needs to be sent to the destination country before items arrive. The program is supported by ICS2, an advance cargo information system.

Additionally, an increasing number of countries have changed regulations for sending international parcels and express letters. They now require Electronic Advance Data (EAD) to be sent to destination customs authorities electronically prior to items arriving overseas.

You can continue to lodge your items electronically if you use one of the following accounts or integrations:

  • MyPost Business 
  • eParcel 
  • Parcel Send 
  • Shipping API
  • Shipping Platforms

If you do not use any of the above, your items must be lodged over the counter at a Post Office to ensure the required customs information is captured and sent to the destination customs authority. You can complete the online customs form prior to lodging over the counter and refer to our declaration guide for support.

To avoid delays or returns, ensure that your customs information includes an accurate and detailed description of the goods, and accurate sender and receiver details. For eCommerce items, please provide the correct HS tariff code.