Delivery delays expected due to COVID-19 impacts

28 July 2021

Extended COVID-19 restrictions across various states may cause delays for inbound and outbound deliveries in some parts of Australia.

Deliveries to the EU may be delayed

23 July 2021

Recent changes to EU customs procedures and tax thresholds for member countries may cause delays when articles are processed by custom agencies. We’ve prepared further guidance on the changes for businesses sending goods to the EU.

Deliveries to and from the United Kingdom may be delayed

15 July 2021

High volumes may cause delivery delays for parcels and letters sent to and from the United Kingdom in June - early July. Items shipped from 15 July should meet expected delivery times. 

Deliveries to and from Haiti may be delayed

15 July 2021

Local civil unrest may cause extended delivery delays for parcels and letters sent to and from Haiti. Items sent to Haiti may be held locally until delivery can safely resume.

Deliveries to New Zealand may be delayed

3 June 2021

Due to heavy rain resulting in extensive flooding, items destined to the South Island of New Zealand may be delayed. Landslides and floodwaters are expected to continue to disrupt deliveries and a State of Emergency has been declared in the Canterbury region. 

Deliveries to and from Sri Lanka may be delayed

31 May 2021

Increased local COVID-19 restrictions may cause delivery delays for parcels sent to and from Sri Lanka.

Deliveries to and from Israel may be delayed

24 May 2021

Security issues in the region may cause delays for parcels sent to and from Israel.

Temporary surcharge on outbound international parcel consignments

4 March 2021

On 8 March 2021, a temporary International Linehaul Surcharge will be introduced for parcel consignments sent to impacted destination zones. The surcharge partially recovers higher costs caused by reduced airfreight capacity during COVID-19.

Sending overseas – new customs requirements apply

January 2021

Senders must now provide customs information electronically prior to posting international parcels and express letters to certain countries. Articles sent without this information may be delayed or returned to sender.

Important biosecurity awareness warning – Seeds

7 August 2020

The Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment has issued a warning about unsolicited seed packets arriving via mail.

International police checks may be delayed during COVID-19

11 June 2020

Some countries are not currently processing international police checks. Turnaround times are longer than usual for other countries.

No signature required for delivery or collection

13 March 2020

To help keep everyone safe, we’re not asking you to sign for items during COVID-19.