Still waiting?

Over 90% of late items arrive within 3 business days of their due date. If you’ve waited this long there are a few things that are worth checking before we begin an investigation.

Things to check

  • Tracking
    If your item was sent using a tracked service you can track it to check the status.
  • Calculate due date
    Use our delivery calculator to see when the item should be received – this works for both tracked and untracked parcel types.
  • Card received
    Check if a notification card is in your letterbox or under your door – your item may have been delivered to the Post Office.
  • Accepted on your behalf
    Check if someone else at home or work accepted or signed for the item on your behalf. If you live or work in a large building, check with building management or the mailroom to see if they have it.
  • Address details
    Check the address details with the sender – they may have made a mistake when addressing the item.
  • Known service delays
    If you are sending or waiting on an item from overseas, you can check for any known international delays that be impacting delivery times. Domestic service disruptions are listed on our Important Updates page. 

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