New US legislation requires customs information to be digitally captured

Date: 31 January 2019
Expected delays: None

Australia Post is committed to ensuring our continued ability to successfully deliver International parcels without delay or disruption.

Due to recent legislation introduced by the US government under the Synthetics Trafficking and Overdose Prevention (STOP) Act 2018, all postal organisations must meet increased compliance levels on capture and supply of advance information on the type and contents of parcels entering the country, which needs to be electronically transmitted to the US (known as Electronic Advanced Data or EAD).

What this means for customers

From Monday 4 February 2019, Australia Post retail staff will be obliged to enter information that a customer includes on their paper customs form into a digital form at the retail counter.

The customer will be issued with a receipt when their parcel is lodged.

At this stage, Australia Post is only digitally capturing customs information for parcels destined to the United States. There are no impacts to parcels destined for other countries, although we are aware other countries are looking to introduce similar EAD regulations.

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