Flat Rate Satchels

Flat Rate Satchels

Keep satchels handy and pay a flat rate for postage within Australia whenever you're ready to send.

Packaging now, postage later

Flat Rate Satchels come in small, medium and large in packs of 10 - and we have Flat Rate Boxes available too. Buy online now or pick them up at your local participating Post Office*.

Step 1. Pack

Pack your items using a small, medium or large Flat Rate Satchel.

Step 2. Pay

Pay the flat rate postage and print your label via the online parcel sending solution; or address your satchel and pay at a participating Post Office.

Step 3. Post

Put the label in the display pouch on your satchel and pop it into the post box (red for Parcel Post or yellow for Express Post).

Tip: To send or return parcels any time, day or night, try dropping your Flat Rate Satchels off at a 24/7 Parcel Locker. They're free to use, and you'll have proof of posting as soon as you close the locker door. Simply sign up or log in to MyPost to get started.

 Pricing and sizes

Satchel pricing and sizes
  Small satchel Medium satchel Large satchel

Small satchel

Send up to 500g
335 x 220mm

Medium satchel

Send up to 3kg
405 x 305mm

Large satchel

Send up to 5kg
510 x 435mm

Satchel price

Small satchel

25c per satchel
($2.50 for 10 pack)

Medium satchel

35c per satchel
($3.50 for 10 pack)

Large satchel

45c per satchel
($4.50 per 10 pack)

Add postage

Small satchel

$8.25 (Parcel Post)
$10.60 (Express Post)

Medium satchel

$13.45 (Parcel Post)
$15.30 (Express Post)

Large satchel

$17.15 (Parcel Post)
$24.35 (Express Post)

Optional extras:

If you'd like to add Signature on delivery or Extra Cover for valuable items, you can do this for an additional cost when you pay for postage. View pricing and service details.


Send more, save more

Sending more than 250 parcels a year? You could be eligible to save up to 10% on selected postage products#
  • * Flat rate postage for flat rate boxes is only available on MyPost Business.
  • # Up to 10% saving based on the standard pricing for eligible postage products listed above. Eligibility criteria and terms and conditions apply. The Business 250 Membership offer applies to the following postage products for customers with a valid ABN/ACN:
    • Domestic flat rate postage for Courier Post, Express Post and Parcel Post
    • International assessed postage for International Express
    • International assessed postage for International Standard
  • Excludes manual bulk mail lodgements, prepaid products and parcels sent via postage meters and the eBay label print service.
  • The requirement to lodge 250 or more parcels per annum includes all postage products purchased through MyPost Business and at participating Post Offices upon membership validation, and is not limited to flat rate postage. To apply, simply visit the B250 Membership page and follow the prompts. When you apply, we'll check your eligibility details and get back to you within 3 business days.
  • For more details, read the Business 250 Membership Terms and Conditions.
  • Service conditions
  • Australia Post Flat Rate Satchels and boxes do not include postage. Before you post your parcels, you must generate and pay for postage labels via MyPost Business, or pay for postage at a participating Post Office.
  • Your Flat Rate Satchels and boxes are carried under the Australia Post terms and conditions. Under these terms and conditions:
    • Australia Post accepts no liability for consequential loss or damage whatsoever.
    • Satchels and boxes must not contain dangerous or prohibited items.