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We open on Mond walking through the studio with a design piece.

Mond: My name is Mond Q, I am the Founder and Director of United Make. A multi-disciplinary design studio.

We cut to Mond speaking to camera in front of the design studio.

Basically, United Make is a collective of amazing people that come…

We move to see Mond discussing work with a colleague in the same space.

…. together and do design projects, they solve the problems of the 21st century.

We cut to Mond working on a design project from a number of different angles.

Design for us is never done, it’s always a continual process to improve. If you are saving a dollar, or two dollars or ten dollars somewhere and you scale that up…

We cut back to Mond speaking to camera in front of the design studio.

… that’s a lot of saving you can make. So, that’s something that we’re constantly looking out for.

We cut to a number of different shots (Mond working at his desk, a design piece hanging from the roof, creative on the walls, coffee lamp shades).

One day in the studio we were commissioned to design sort of a lamp shade for a coffee store and every day we saw…

We cut back to Mond speaking to camera in front of the design studio.

… the coffee store coming out with two bags full of waste, coffee grounds. So, we were like ok, well let’s take this to the studio and see what we could do with it. And, we just started mixing it with everything you could think of…

We see Mond looking at and holding the coffee ground lamp shades he has created with his team.

… and then we came across this bio-resin that actually made the coffee grounds grow, so we actually made these coffee lamp shades that will grow into any mold or form.

We move back to Mond speaking to camera.

As our recycled coffee ground lamp shades became really popular, we’re thinking how can we actually make this possible? And, one of the best things that came up was actually was, the Send and Save that Australia Post offers.

We move to see Mond measuring and packing some of the coffee lamp shades.

And what’s beautiful about it, we’re able to perfectly fit it inside Australia Post parcels. The ability to iterate, fabricate, prototype, produce and send-off, has definitely helped us greatly in the last 5 years.

We see a customer collecting their parcel from a 24/7 Parcel Locker.

Voice over: To find out how you could save from 10% on parcel sending…

We cut to the Australia Post End Frame (logo)


  • 1 Terms and Conditions apply.
  • 2 Select major metro areas only. Limit of 50 parcels per pickup. Pickup is between 9am and 5pm Monday - Friday, for orders placed before 1pm the day prior.
  • 3 Track events will vary depending on how your item is lodged and delivered. Read more about our tracking service.
  • 4 24/7 online chat support excludes national public holidays.
  • 5 Extended hours phone support available from 8am-8pm Monday to Friday AEST. Excludes national public holidays.