Meet Pip the Koala, our Australia Post mascot and WWF champion

Meet Pip the Koala—our friendly Australia Post mascot who is here to raise awareness on the importance of environmental sustainability. Read on to learn how you can take home Pip today and help WWF-Australia protect our Aussie icon, the koala.

Australia Post has announced a new partnership with the World Wide Fund for Nature-Australia (WWF-Australia) in an effort to support the conservation of our favourite Aussie icon, the koala. The partnership aims to raise funds for koala conservation programs and help build the profile of WWF-Australia’s work to restore and protect the homes of Australia’s endangered species.

In support of the partnership, we’re introducing our new mascot, Pip the Koala. Pip has been designed to help us bring our sustainability message to life, and most importantly, encourage kids to take small steps towards delivering a better tomorrow for our planet.

Read on to learn why you’ll soon be falling in love with Pip the Koala and how together, we can help WWF-Australia protect this unique species.

$2 from every Pip the Koala purchase helps support WWF-Australia’s essential koala conservation work1

Did you know, koalas were already in danger of potential extinction before the recent bushfires in Eastern Australia and since then, face even more of a crisis?

This is a big motivator for the team at WWF-Australia, who not only want to restore and protect koala habitat but create an opportunity for them to thrive once more. From trialling drones that plant koala trees to building a wildlife hospital on wheels, there’s a lot of important work to be done—and WWF-Australia needs your help.

Tanya Pritchard, Landscape Restoration Project Manager from WWF-Australia explains how extra funding can help boost their frontline efforts to protect koalas in the wild.
“There are some key recovery actions needed to save the koala on the east coast of Australia, but further funding is required to ensure the koala can thrive, and not just survive,” she says.

With every purchase of a Pip the Koala plush from Australia Post, $2 will go directly to helping protect this Aussie icon through our new partnership.1 You can buy Pip online from the Australia Post Shop or instore at participating Post Offices. You can also donate to WWF-Australia over-the-counter next time you’re at Australia Post.

Pip the Koala reminds us that koalas need our help now more than ever

The partnership between Australia Post and WWF-Australia comes at a crucial time for the koala, which is now listed as endangered to extinction on the east coast due to a dramatic population decline.

“Habitat destruction, climate change and extreme weather events have had a significant impact on koala numbers,” says Tanya.

To protect our koalas of the future, WWF-Australia has been working with landholders to protect and restore koala habitat on private land by encouraging the creation of koala safe havens.

Australia Post’s partnership with WWF-Australia is a step in the right direction towards protecting this unique species—and purchasing your own Pip the Koala means you’re helping this important cause, too.

Pip the Koala is quintessentially Australian, just like Australia Post

We’ve been delivering for Australia for more than 200 years and similarly to our Aussie icon, the koala, Australia Post is an iconic brand known throughout the country.

Nicky Tracey, General Manager Community & Stakeholder Engagement, Australia Post, tells how the partnership with WWF-Australia aligns with our commitment to sustainability and protecting the environment.

“At Australia Post we have a responsibility to deliver a more sustainable future for all Australians. That’s why we are introducing an environmental partner to our portfolio of Community programs and partnerships, WWF Australia,” says Nicky.

From one icon to another, it’s important to do all we can to protect our koala population. As part of their core program of work, WWF-Australia is planting more than 250,000 koala food and habitat trees to restore their homes. This will not only protect koalas, but many other animals that live alongside koalas in their forest homes. 

Our Pip the Koala plush toy is made from recyclable materials

In line with our commitment to reduce, reuse and recycle, each plush toy is made from ten recycled plastic bottles.

Researching sustainable options isn’t always top of mind when buying toys for our kids. But choosing toys like Pip, which are made from recycled materials, is a great way to support sustainability and reuse in the family home.

Want to start the sustainability conversation at home? Introduce Pip the Koala plush during story time to help teach your kids about sustainability in a fun way.

By taking home Pip, you’ll be helping strengthen the koala network

Australia Post has a strong network of over 60,000 team members but the koala network needs our help. In fact, with Australia Post’s support, WWF-Australia aims to double koala numbers across Eastern Australia by 2050.

Proceeds from every purchase of Pip the Koala will help WWF-Australia’s work to protect koalas from the threats pushing them to extinction, including restoring koala habitat and protecting koalas against disease. What better reason to take home Pip today?

With your support, we can continue to assist WWF-Australia with their impactful initiatives, while spreading awareness about the importance of environmental sustainability amongst Aussie kids. 

Australia Post is a proud partner of WWF-Australia

Together with WWF-Australia, we’re helping to protect and restore the homes of Australia’s most loved species, the koala. It’s another way we’re delivering the goods for a sustainable future.

1 For each Pip the Koala (plush) sold, $2 will be donated by Australia Post (Australian Postal Corporation, ABN 28 864 970 579, 111 Bourke Street, Melbourne VIC 3000, to WWF Australia (ABN 57 001 594 074, Level 1, 1 Smail St, Ultimo NSW 2007, ( to help restore and protect the habitats our koalas and Australian wildlife call home. Campaign commences 15 May, while stock lasts.