How Vin Tagè is supporting the Australian LGBTIQA+ community one handmade frock at a time

With his fancy frocks a symbol of diversity and inclusion, Daniel Theophanou, aka Vin Tagè, explains how he's supporting the Australian LGBTIQA+ community.

If you saw Daniel Theophanou (whose pronouns are he/him as Daniel or she/her as Vin Tage) in his ‘normal’ clothes, you’d find it hard to believe it's the same person that was strutting under our PostPride banner for Midsumma Pride, dressed head to toe in Australia Post mailing satchels.

Growing up in the coastal city of Wollongong, NSW, Daniel always jumped at the chance to dress up or put on the odd performance. After learning to sew when he was 12 years old, Daniel had no idea where their sewing skills and love for fashion would take off.

Fast forward to 2018 when Vin Tagè was born—a drag queen alter ego inspired by a love for vintage fashion and admiration of other creatives. Today, Daniel spends their time adorned in home-made, head-turning outfits while out and about hosting events and advocating for the LGBTIQA+ community.

Reuse, Recycle, Re-slay

With plenty of help from his mother Eileen, Daniel makes all their outfits for their drag queen alter ego. And with the outfits come opportunities to engage with communities, advocate for minority groups, and celebrate this unique part of himself, one extravagant frock at a time.

Reuse, Recycle, Re-slay might as well be Vin Tagè’s motto. From tinsel to tennis balls, Vin Tagè has even used dead bees to adorn a wig for Halloween (don’t worry, the bees were sourced from an old hive and died naturally).

“I love making things, being creative, opp-shopping,” Vin Tage says, “I’ve made an outfit out of a rug, bin liners. It just evolved from that.”

One of Vin Tagè’s most epic upcycle projects was with an old Miss Australia campaign dress, originally made with Australian flags, Vin Tagè added a proud collar adorned in the colours of the Aboriginal flag. That's the beauty of Vin Tagè and her wardrobe; she has the ability to communicate messages through a visual medium that is bold and playful, and can reach a wide audience.

A symbol for diversity and inclusion in Australia

Celebrating diversity encompasses acceptance and respect. It's also about proudly advocating for diversity and inclusion in Australia and welcoming and supporting people of any sexual orientation, gender identity or intersex status.

With their endless creative fashion statements, Vin Tagè is one of the best dressed symbols for diversity and inclusion in Australia. The child of a Greek immigrant, Vin Tage has been using their platform and creative expression to celebrate diversity and advocate for the LGBTIQA+ community.

“Sometimes you spend hours making these costumes. On this one day, it may take me about three hours to do my face,” Vin Tage says. But it’s all worth it in the end. “When someone smiles at what I'm wearing or doing, it makes me smile and I think right, I'm on the right track.”

Vin Tagè combines forces with PostPride

Australia Post was lucky enough to have Vin Tagè march with us under our PostPride banner for the Midsumma Pride March in 2021 and 2022.

When we spoke to Daniel he said, “I feel quite strongly about pride marches. Pride for me, celebrates what we’ve got and how far we’ve come and there's still leaps and bounds obviously for the future, but we are marching for everybody, and we are standing up for everybody's rights.”

It was only natural that Vin Tage conjured up the most unique outfit for both marches—Australia Post themed, of course. Made up of 450 satchels and 2 kilos of glue, the outfit took over a week to make. With a bubble wrap wig, Australia Post satchel dress and express post train cascading behind her, Vin Tagè was the ultimate package.

“The most challenging part was actually filling the bags. Feathers were everywhere,” Vin Tage says.

Discover how Australia Post promotes diversity and inclusion within our country, including supporting local communities who need a helping hand.