31 October 2013


According to Nielsen*, Australian advertisers spent almost $9.6 billion in the year to 30 June 2013. However, media fragmentation has been accompanied by growing confusion over what channels are most likely to give marketers and businesses solid return on investment.

For this research, more than 9,000 Australian consumers were canvassed to get their views on advertising and effectiveness of communication channels.


  • Six out of 10 Australians are receptive to advertising messages. 
  • The top five channels consumers consider to be most effective for advertising messages are: catalogues and flyers, TV advertising, press (newspapers / magazines), radio advertising and personalised direct mail. 
  • Consumers' top advertising channel preferences are remarkably consistent across demographics. However, variations further down the rankings can help marketers target a multichannel mix most appropriately. 
  • Current marketing spend doesn't match these reported preferences: three of the top five most effective channels experienced a drop in advertising spend this year. 
  • When people are making a purchase, they consider websites, TV advertising, direct mail, email and catalogues to be useful in helping them evaluate their options or keep informed. 
  • The channels consumers consider most useful vary across the nine industries examined - banking and finance, telecommunications, utilities, superannuation, insurance, fashion and department stores, supermarkets, public service (local council and political parties), and charities.

*Source: Nielsen AIS data, Jul 2011-June 2013

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