31 July 2012


Each quarter, 1,000 Australians are surveyed online regarding their attitudes towards mail, including what mail they receive, what they open and read, and their preferred channels for receiving various messages.


  • The average Australian recalls receiving 6.9 pieces of mail addressed to them in one week.
  • While older groups have the highest mail readership levels, 85 per cent of 18-39 year olds read mail from financial institutions and utility companies.
  • On average, 81 per cent read their mail on the day it's delivered, spending 3.42 minutes reading mail.
  • For transactional mail, people prefer print mail for utility bills, car registration and rates. Some customers prefer email format for information that's normally received quite frequently.
  • Overall, 29 per cent of advertising messages on transactional mail pieces are noticed, rising to 39 per cent for mobile phone bills. Up to 35 per cent have responded to an offer on transactional mail.

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