18 February 2015


Each quarter, the Australia Post Consumer Survey canvasses more than 2,000 Australians, regarding their attitudes towards communications, advertising and the channels marketers use. In December 2014, the survey looked at how much mail people received and how their attitudes towards mail and email communications differ, depending on the industry sending the communication and the message type.

In the report:

  • Australians received an average of 7.5 pieces of personally addressed mail and 10.8 pieces of unaddressed mail a week.
  • 99% of Australians opened their mail. 60% also read it thoroughly, and 54% stored it for later reference.
  • The average time taken to open and read mail was 2.9 minutes.
  • Australians were most likely to read mail from financial institutions, utilities companies and clubs or interest groups.
  • Australians wanted to receive magazines, important or sensitive information, brochures and catalogues, detailed information and vouchers or coupons as physical mail.
  • Australians preferred to receive emails for brief information, newsletters, invitations to special events or sales and company requests for information.
  • 38% wanted to receive bills and statements as personally addressed mail; 35% preferred email format.

Download full report (300kb)