01 December 2014


Each quarter, the Australia Post Consumer Survey canvasses more than 2,000 Australians online, regarding their attitudes towards communications and channels. In October 2014, the survey focused on attitudes towards letterbox advertising, such as catalogues, flyers, samples and coupons.

In the report

  • The average Australian recalled receiving 12.8 pieces of letterbox advertising per week. This fluctuates seasonally, with people receiving more items in the run-up to Christmas. 
  • Over 75% of Australian households receive letterbox advertising, most commonly from supermarkets (77%), real estate companies (60%), department stores (55%), hardware outlets (53%) and local restaurants / takeaways (51%).
  • 83% brought the letterbox advertising they received with normal addressed mail into the home.
  • 45% of recipients read letterbox advertising as soon as they received it, while 43% read it in the evening, while relaxing.
  • 60% shared letterbox advertising with another household member.
  • 38% of people who received letterbox advertising and wanted more information visited a company's website. 34% visited a retail store.
  • To make a purchase, 56% went to a company's retail store, while 20% bought an item online.
  • 45% of Australians preferred to receive catalogues and flyers via mail.

Download full report (432kb)