Reading and writing helps people to connect with each other and enjoy better opportunities, which is core to our purpose. That’s why we’re making literacy a priority and helping to improve children’s access to books as well as reading and writing programs.

Through our initiatives outlined below, we aim to help children develop the essential skills they need to unlock better lifetime opportunities.

Indigenous Literacy Foundation

We’re working together with Indigenous Literacy Foundation,1 a not-for-profit organisation that aims to raise literacy levels in remote Indigenous communities by delivering books and supporting literacy programs.

The Pen Pal Club

Pen pal letter writing is a creative and rewarding way for your students to practise literacy and communication. Join our Pen Pal Club to get started, and use our lesson plans and sample templates for inspiration.

Stamps & collectables

Keen to get your students interested in stamp collecting? Follow our lesson plans, which allow students to design and produce their own stamps, start a collection and get to know different stamps from around the world.

1 Indigenous Literacy Foundation (ABN 45 146 631 843) PO Box 663 Broadway NSW 2007.