We’re committed to delivering better environmental outcomes. That’s why we introduced carbon neutral parcel deliveries by purchasing carbon credits for customers who send parcels at our Post Offices or book parcel pickups with their MyPost Business account.

What is ‘carbon neutral’?

Carbon neutral means:

  • reducing emissions from our operations where possible
  • compensating for the remaining emissions by investing in carbon offset projects.

The process of delivering a parcel emits carbon dioxide into the atmosphere which is shown to have a negative impact on our environment.

While we've cut carbon emissions by over 20% since 2010

and have increased the use of electric bikes and vehicles within our fleet

there’s still carbon dioxide being emitted into the atmosphere with each delivery.

Our commitment to carbon neutral delivery

We've calculated just how much carbon is used when we process, ship and deliver our parcels using trains, planes and trucks. This calculation is verified as part of the National Carbon Offset Standard program, which provides guidance on measuring, reducing, offsetting and reporting emissions that occur as a result of our operations.

To make up for the pollution caused and help to achieve carbon neutrality, we buy carbon credits, mostly in Australia, to match the calculated emissions for the deliveries provided to our customers.

What does this mean for you?

From 30 September 2019, delivery of every parcel sent through Post Offices and MyPost will be recognised as carbon neutral as a result of the purchase of carbon offset credits to match the environmental impact. Look for this symbol on our packaging, including Parcel Post and Express Post satchels:

With every parcel you send through a Post Office or MyPost, you're supporting carbon-offset projects that have positive environmental impacts.

Being carbon neutral is just one way we're reducing our environmental impact

Read our Environmental Action Plan (PDF 3MB) to see what else Australia Post is doing to improve our environmental and commercial outcomes.