As a leading Australian company, we have the power to make a positive contribution to the economic, social and environmental challenges of our time. But we can’t tackle these big issues alone. That’s why partnerships are core to our approach in creating lasting social change.

Creating shared value

Engaging our stakeholders

Our stakeholder groups

Our main stakeholder groups include our shareholder (the Federal Government), our people, our customers and the broader community. We also have important links with regulatory bodies, suppliers, industry organisations, peak bodies and environmental groups.

We depend on all of their support and discuss a range of issues with them, including postal and logistics services, to:

A) understand social, environmental and community topics that matter most to them

B) learn their views and perceptions of our community and business activities and economic performance


Understanding what matters

We regularly conduct surveys, interviews and focus groups to understand the needs of our stakeholders and the way our business affects them. This includes attitude surveys and focus groups to understand what our employees think about our business.

The data and research we collect enables us to draw better insights and improve our stakeholders’ experience.

An annual materiality review is also used to guide our strategic decisions. This informs our Annual Report content to make sure that it accurately reflects those areas and issues considered most important to both our business and our stakeholders.

Refer to our latest Annual Report for more details about our Stakeholder Council, its members or the materiality review process.