Liz Ritchie, CEO, Regional Australia Institute

As the CEO of the Regional Australia Institute (RAI), Liz’s primary purpose is to empower regions to thrive and to ensure that regional Australia can continue to grow prosperously through a bigger and brighter future.  

Whilst understanding the issues and opportunities impacting regional Australia, she is dedicated to reform through the recently released Regionalisation Ambition 2032 which she is spearheading to build a new national movement to #rebalancethenation.

For over 20 years, Liz has worked across the corporate, government and the not for profit sector, and she specialises in leading organisational transformation to build a sustainable future. Liz is a change agent, a marketer, a researcher and an extremely passionate advocate for regional Australia, heralding from Deniliquin, in NSW.

As a founding Director of the Australian Gender Equality Council (AGEC), Liz is a strong advocate for gender equality, and ensuring rural and regional women can have equal access and opportunity.