Get creative with Impact Mail

Impact Mail lets you send addressed items of virtually any shape. You can send different materials too - such as metal, wood, fabric or leather.


  • 'Think outside the envelope' and use the distinctive look and feel of your mailed items to get your campaign noticed
  • Gain recognition for your brand by sending out unusual items
  • Help your brand, product or promotion to really stand out in the mailbox

Case study: Learn how we helped Bankwest secure more business loan customers with impact mail.

What you can send

With Impact Mail, you can send items of virtually any shape - but there a few things to remember:

Delivery times

Impact Mail delivery standards (PDF 64kB)

Other requirements

  • You need to send at least 300 items per lodgement
  • Each lodgement must contain items in the same size category
  • All items within a lodgement must come from the same organisation