How CPAs operate

We have over 700 CPAs, with about 90 per cent of them operating as part of another business, such as a general store.

All CPAs operate under a common agreement, which is renewable every two years.

CPAs can offer varying mail and postage services. At a minimum, they offer basic postage assessment, stamp sales and over-the-counter mail acceptance and delivery. They don't offer agency services such bill payment and banking.

Operating hours vary, depending on mail arrival times, the amount of work involved, and the nature of their other business.

Why become a CPA?

As a CPA, you'll receive various benefits:

  • ongoing training, support and materials
  • a representation allowance
  • 10 per cent discount on the sale of postage stamps (if an approved weighing instrument is in place)
  • payment for each counter delivery point, based on up to 35 per cent of the Rural Frequency Delivery Guide (this is made monthly in arrears and is reviewed annually)
  • discounts on the purchase of pre-paid postage products for sale
  • public liability insurance paid through an overall policy